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To be competitive and cost effective in your business operations today you need to reduce your business overheads and employee more affordable technology solutions for communicating with your clients and fellow work colleagues. This strategy will ensure you can keep ahead of your competitors, improve margins and reduce ongoing operational overheads. You need a VoIP solution that achieves all the above efficiencies and you need it before your competitors take the lead.

Traditional ways of communicating are rapidly giving way to the new world ushered in by the ability to transfer voice over the Internet. Cube Technology can provide you with a IP Voice Solution utilising VoIP technology and integration designed to support your business voice calls and data communications converged into a single streamlined data network saving your business money and increasing cash flow.

How Voice Over IP Works

When you are using a voice system and IP telephones, your voice is translated into digital data packets that are then routed over a Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) based Local Area Network (LAN) to the IP voice system. The IP voice system, acting as the traffic cop, then routes your call to an appropriate destination determined by the phone number you have dialled – another IP or analog extension, an external number via analog, PRI-T1, or E1 trunking interfaces through your local phone company, or to a remote office via a voice system IP solution over a LAN, WAN, Internet or a Point to Point connection.

Benefits of VoIP

- More features and information available on the IP Telephones

- Concurrent support for legacy analog telephones, digital telephones, and newer IP Telephones

- Telecommuters can now have a working business telephone extension at home

- Easier Extension and Multi-Site Administration

- Unified corporate appearance over multiple locations

- Consolidated Infrastructure requirements resulting from the use of existing data networks

- Reduced Long Distance ISDN Charges through Voice over IP trunking

IP Extensions

One of the key features of a VoIP voice System is the support for IP Telephone Extensions. IP Telephones do not require separate dedicated cables to run from the phone to the phone system, instead they may utilise the same ethernet data network infrastructure used by most computers. Moves, Adds, and Changes are made easy because IP Phones can exist anywhere on the company Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), or around the world via the Internet. IP Phones can extend your phone systems reach to remote employee environments like home offices and remote branch offices equipped with broadband Internet access.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Trunking

VoIP Phone Systems are particularly well suited to businesses with multiple branch or remote offices. The IP voice system can exist in a single site, a campus environment or multiple locations anywhere in the world using Voice over IP technology. VoIP will give your company a unified and consistent appearance to customers. Long distance and interoffice calls cost you no more than what you already pay to your Internet Service Provider. Centralised management allows your IP voice Systems to be networked together and managed from one central location thereby reducing operational overheads.

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