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What’s new in Windows Server 2019

NK Computer Services Ltd have been MS Partners since 2003 and providing tailored made solutions to all their clients which best suits their minimum requirement with room for expansion and at the best possible cost without compromising any security threats.

The latest version of MS Windows Server 2019 is built on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2016 – which continues to see great momentum in customer adoption. Windows Server 2016 is the fastest adopted version of Windows Server, ever! Microsoft has been busy since its launch at Ignite 2016 drawing insights from user’s feedback and product telemetry to make the 2019 release even better.

Microsoft also spent a lot of time with customers to understand the future challenges and where the industry is going. Four themes were consistent – Hybrid, Security, Application Platform, and Hyper-converged infrastructure. They bring numerous innovations on these four themes in Windows Server 2019.

Hybrid cloud scenarios:

Microsoft know that the move to the cloud is a journey and often, a hybrid approach, one that combines on-premises and cloud environments working together, is what makes sense to their customers. Extending Active Directory, synchronising file servers, and backup in the cloud are just a few examples of what customers are already doing today to extend their data-centres to the public cloud. In addition, a hybrid approach also allows for apps running on-premises to take advantage of innovation in the cloud such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Hybrid cloud enables a future-proof, long-term approach – which is exactly why we see it playing a central role in cloud strategies for the foreseeable future.


Security continues to be a top priority for Microsoft clients. The number of cyber-security incidents continue to grow, and the impact of these incidents is escalating quickly. A Microsoft study shows that attackers take, on average, just 24-48 hours to penetrate an environment after infecting the first machine. In addition, attackers can stay in the penetrated environment – without being noticed – for up to 99 days on average, according to a report by FireEye/Mandiant. Microsoft continue their journey to help their customers improve their security posture by working on features that bring together learnings from running global-scale data-centres for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and several other online services.

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